Saturday, April 4, 2009

FB status updates in a blog.

13/Mar - Joined a group where a chick in Canada promised that, if 2500 people joined her FB grouup, she would eat Twilight (the book). Thanks to, like, 2000 Australians, she got there. There's a video coming out, too - looking forward to YouTube for that one.
13/Mar - Adjudicated debating. Had the odd occurance of both debates insulting the adjudicator. The first one was okay - it was a junior team saying that 'teachers don't care', which was merely unfortunate that I happen to be training to be a teacher. The 'oh, no!''s were audible. The second one was point-docking worthy - the debater pointed at what he thought was a member of the audience and said 'you look confused, i'll try and speak slower'. Apparently, he didn't know that said member of the audience was the adjudicator. Dumbass. His team lost the argument as well, which is good, because I'm not sure what I would have done if his team was winning but he was an incredible tool.
14/Mar - Went to an art show - very cool stuff.
15/Mar - I want a cat so that I can call it Schrodinger.
21/Mar - Brother's birthday *balloons and streamers*
21/Mar - State election. Not my most interesting time.
22/Mar - For some reason, I have a recurring interest in quantum physics. I know that new-agers like to make a big deal out of quantum physics, but even without that, I can see a lot of analogies that are useful for explaining theology.
24/Mar - Went to the dentist. Got a filling replaced (since the last one had fallen out). Not cool.
24/Mar - Went to vespers. Went /really/ existential (since I couldn't understand the words). I've blogged about it on this blog. Not the most edifying topic, I've gotta say, but it was something.
25/Mar - Realised real problem in existential issue is in how we know we know something. Probably not a way to talk about that without supposing a cosmic Third Person...
27/Mar - Finished all of my midsemester essays. A month early. Awesome. Handed it in a week later, but hey.
30/Mar - Found out some awesome news - there looks like being an English-language Orthodox mission starting up in Brisbane. Sadly, it meant that I only got to sleep at 2:30am, a full five hours after I found out the news.
31/Mar - Got the stimulus package from the government. When something quadruples the size of your bank account, that's a good thing.
1/Apr - Found out what school I'm doing field experience in. Very happy.
3/Apr - Daunted by next assignment that's due in a month - 4000w. Seriously.
3/Apr - But, I explained the two natures of Christ by analogy to wave vs particle natures of light. Analogies have their limitations, obviously, but that one's actually pretty good.

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