Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twitter in a Blog

Twitter updates:

March 5: I'm 40% of the way through the book I'm writing.
March 5: I think that an MA in 'Beatles-ology' is just plain dumb.
March 6: Don't try and figure out the rest of your life when you're going to sleep. You won't do either.
March 6: "The Revolution of Love" is an awesome keynote address on the OCF podcast -
March 7: Saw a former student's FB page, and got very sad that I'd basically dismissed her as 'uninterested' when her FB profile said her fave book was the Bible...made me wonder how many other things I'd missed.
March 8: I considered Melbourne for a future.
March 9: Half the book is finished.
March 11: 68% through the book.
March 12: Ahead on uni work. Happy and relaxed, albeit probably temporarily.

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