Thursday, March 26, 2009


It can be frustrating at times.

Part of who I am is my undeniable ability to make plans for the future. I've been doing it since I was in my second-last year of high school (curious? no, this isn't where I thought I'd be), at one point I had 12 different plans in my last year of high school (again, for the curious - one plan came out half-right). While I was at uni, I had speculations on where I'd go afterwards, but knew that it really was neither here nor there until I finished my degree.

I mostly-finished my degree, got a job, got promoted, stayed in the job after graduation, promised myself I wouldn't go back to uni, wanted out of my job, got a better job, worked at that job, decided to go back to uni. Not sure if I made the right call there, but I certainly made a pragmatic call. Had a plan, realised I couldn't go through with it (long story); had a ripper of a plan until that fell through.

In short, none of my previous plans encompass the position I'm in at the moment, and I find myself planless. I do have options, though.

1. Office job. Not thrilling, I know, but at least I know that it's well within my competancy.
2. Teaching at a high school in Brisbane.
3. Teaching at a high school in Sydney/Melbourne.
4. Teaching English in China.
5. Training people in diplomas and certificates.

They're all the plans that I've thought of so far. I suspect that the fourth one might be my backup - having family there and all.

Right now, though, I'm running with my previous stipulation - specifically, that I shan't make definite statements until June. I'm hoping that I can find a direction to head after Easter, though... that would help for when people say 'so what are you doing after graduation' and all...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What else would you do in a vespers service?

Yesterday, I tried to conjure God out of an equation.

It's kinda difficult to do, but once you follow a certain sequence of events, it's the obvious result of what has been done.

I tried to think my way through existence, looking for something stronger than 'I doubt therefore I think; I think therefore I am'. It's not easy. Saying 'I think therefore I am' assumes that you are thinking - and a person who has problems thinking probably won't see the problem in their own thinking (i.e. a person who has problems in cognition will have more problems with metacognition).
I tried 'I love therefore I am'...similar problems. The result - 'He loves, therefore He creates; He creates, therefore I am'. My demolition was that a conclusion is only as strong as the weakest premise - positing God doesn't make Him so (btw, I wasn't /trying/ to conjure God out of an equation).

But, having thought about this overnight, it's not as illogical as I first thought. Assuming that we exist (which we do), at some point we have to work from what we know and find the most logical explanation for what we don't know - sometimes that will mean working backwards...kinda like string theory's other 26 dimensions :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twitter in a Blog

Twitter updates:

March 5: I'm 40% of the way through the book I'm writing.
March 5: I think that an MA in 'Beatles-ology' is just plain dumb.
March 6: Don't try and figure out the rest of your life when you're going to sleep. You won't do either.
March 6: "The Revolution of Love" is an awesome keynote address on the OCF podcast -
March 7: Saw a former student's FB page, and got very sad that I'd basically dismissed her as 'uninterested' when her FB profile said her fave book was the Bible...made me wonder how many other things I'd missed.
March 8: I considered Melbourne for a future.
March 9: Half the book is finished.
March 11: 68% through the book.
March 12: Ahead on uni work. Happy and relaxed, albeit probably temporarily.

So, it's March already?

Well, it's halfway through March, and I've not posted. I wonder if anyone will be shocked that a post from Chanters Pray Twice ends up in their RSS feed.

My last post was all about last year. Reading it (as I tend to do when wondering what else to write), I wondered how my year thus far squared up with my expectations.

As far as January/February goes, I did, indeed, complete the third semester of my studies in theology; and March, I'm completing the final semester of my studies in education. In case you're interested, it's going swimmingly, actually. I got my theology studies done so that I had O-week clear, and I also took the first week off - the two weeks just made it so much easier to transition into doing Education. I've been concentrating on doing more than 100w each day, and - so far so good. Today, I'm 200w ahead, and in the next 30 hours I should be finished my first assessment piece (40%, 1000-1200w, due in two weeks) - which I've done entirely without any all-nighters. My other assignment (30%, 1000w, due same day) is half-complete, and that should be done early next week. In short, I'm doing very well, complete with full nights of fairly normal sleeping patterns - I'm fairly sure that that's a first in my academic career, too. Some of my friends think they're rubbing off on me...

My public speaking is going well - I've completed eight of the ten required speeches for the first Toastmasters award, and am starting to both present without notes and to do well in short, impromptu speaking ('table topics'), which was a definite goal I had while I was there.

Chanting at services continues. I've learnt a lot of things in regards to liturgics. Work is continuing in the new organisation promoting Orthodoxy in this part of Australia...much more needs to be done, though. I've adjudicated a debate, and another one in the next few days. That was daunting - adjudicating in front of the new principal my old high school, particularly as a final semester education student! But, I survived...fortunately, my old high school's team was the better, so I was able to give the debate to them :)
(as much as I am impartial, I nonetheless want my old high school to win. That's not because I want them to win, though - it's because I want them to be superior - something that they won't be unless they are graded fairly)

All that said, I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing after I graduate. I'm not referring to whether I have a job lined up - nothing so grand - more where I am planning to be after graduation. Not long ago, there was the possibility (no commitment, but the possibility) that I would be able to go overseas and help an Orthodox Church, but that seems to have fallen through. I can't be too hit by that - or, rather, I shouldn't be - as it was obviously His will that that happen, but it does leave me in the quandry of 'if not that, then what?'. There are a couple of possibilities - the most obvious being 'use your education degree and be a high school teacher' - but I'm still investigating at this point. Maybe that's necessary...though I can't imagine why.