Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So, what's happened this year?

January, I started off living in East Brisbane. I did this semester's worth of the theological course I'm doing. I also got glasses and joined Toastmasters.

I found that sharing a studio was difficult, and moved in with my best friend and her housemate in around February. Had an operation in April (around Easter, no less), then did my prac at an all-girls Catholic school. I finished the semester with pass marks and a very positive recommendation for my prac.

Sadly, my domestic relations deteriorated after May, and I felt forced to move. I moved back home in July until I found a new place. I tried to continue university in second semester, but the combination of completing the next semester of my theological course and the disintegration of those domestic relations meant that I found myself unable to complete the final semester of my university course. I deferred my studies, unsure if I would return to them.

I moved to West End, fulfilling a desire I'd had since mid-high school, in around September. I attempted to find a job, but couldn't find any. It was during this time that I recommitted myself to finishing my education degree, which I will complete in June. I made a number of plans at this time, including doing my field experience in west Africa.

At the end of October, I visited China for just over a month, visiting my brother and his girlfriend. I came back in late November and, for various reasons, decided to move back home (making a total of seven places, in the last year-and-a-week, that I have lived in for longer than a month). As my last milestone for the year, I was blessed to be asked to deliver the Christmas message at the carols night at our church.

Other things that I did include teaching high school Orthodox Religious Education for the year and adjudicating high school debating during the year.

And, here I am - about to be half way through my theological studies (another 18 months to go), halfway through my education degree (6 months), back to living at my parent's house. I've got about five months until my field experience, after which is holidays and (hopefully) some family celebrations, and then...who knows!

It's bizarre, and a first for me, but it's kinda liberating to be able to look at a year ahead and not know entirely what's going to happen next. As I'm currently saying to everyone, after September, no promises as to where I'll be...

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