Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breakfast, subway, interviews, traditional-modern contrast

Yesterday, had breakfast with brother, brother's girl and friend of brother's. To get there, we went by subway. Good experience. Subways here are very different to trains in Australia that I've experienced: they're stable and, often, they're crowded. The former has been attributed to less turns (they're basically straight lines), while the latter, well hey, it's a densely populated city and driving isn't a standard means of commuting.

Having WiFi basically freely available in cafe's is trippy, too. Awesome, but trippy.

After that, a trip around that area - on the other side of the city centre (People's Square) - where we went through an old neighbourhood. Got some good photos of the contrast between the old neighbourhood and the new skyscrapers, too. Still surreal to be the focus of everyone's faded-out sentences :)

Had an interview that afternoon. Didn't work out because they were looking for someone who would stay a minimum of a year, which I obviously wasn't planning on doing. But that's okay, I've already another interview lined up. May need moving to another city - Suzhou - which is about 45mins west (60kms - awesome that the trains actually work well!), but that's cool - it's a very different city to Shanghai, and I think it'll be an awesome experience to be around that kind of ancient, traditional culture (which, sadly, has probably been largely knocked down to make way for modernity) - even if I have to fit it around work (which will probably work out for the best anyway). The plan is, I should be able to get back in time for church on Sunday morning at the Russian embassy - here's hoping, anyway!

For today, another Toastmasters meeting. Looking forward to it already :D

(and yes, photos are coming - I want to upload it from a decent-sized computer...)

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