Friday, October 10, 2008

A month of bloglessness

Well, it's been a month. A lot of things have changed...

I didn't end up getting work in an office. Rather, I'm a lowly-paid research assistant, studying the formation of children into geniuses and experts, as well as how experts do their job, well, expertly. It's really cool - cool enough that I don't mind the rather lowly pay.

I'm still going overseas in ~25 days, which is still awesome - I'll be able to continue my work over there, and be able to stay with my brother. The plan is to stay for a month, but I may take the opportunity to stay for six weeks or so and come back in time for Christmas.

I've also been spending a fair bit of time updating my other blog, so I haven't had a complete hiatus.

I've been very relaxed generally, actually. Not much to's a good break. I've been taking the chance to get into quantum physics a little, actually - plenty of respect for the theoretical physicists out there!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again.

Sounds like a very interesting job, and wonderful to read of the feelings of relaxation [quantum physics excluded, I assume!]

God bless.

Pistevo said...

Surprisingly, no - I'm finding that studying philosophy if of great benefit in trying to comprehend quantum physics...even if I'm basically having to go 20 minutes on and 10 minutes off :)

Anonymous said...

He he.

I also lost your other blog address as I changed PCs; can you, if it is alright, e-mail it to me at exploring_orthdoxy at yahoo dot com dot au? Thanks.