Monday, October 27, 2008

First Day in Shanghai

Wow, I'm in China now. Even the concept is kinda cool :)

I'm in Shanghai, and the city is very cool, I've gotta say. I'm staying with my brother, who is living on the 24th floor of one of the buildings. The view is so good it's surreal - there are construction sites that take up what we Australians would consider entire blocks...and these are just small parts of the block.

Traffic is crazy. What we in Australia would consider laws and, therefore, unbreakable and unquestionable tenets of driving and staying alive are more, well, advisory. Road rage is non-existant, even beeping horns aren't terribly common (although, as I write this, the outside decides to prove me wrong...), which is extraordinary considering how everyone drives. Lanes are the closest thing to a rule, and indicators seem to be used more for decoration. Oh, and seatbelts are an optional extra.
Yet, as crazy as all that sounds (and multiplied by the fact that Shanghai has just short of the population of Australia into, like, half the size of the Sydney), there's not that many accidents. Drivers from China seem to have a built-in sense of caution where the possibilities of danger are anticipated and avoided...hence, no accidents. It's as if the driving school instructors all said 'look, you want to get from a to b. Here's a system, work around it to get from a to b without stopping to exchange insurance details'.

Haven't seen too much of the city as yet, looking forward to seeing some - and to shopping, since I packed lightly with that in mind.

Was able to get to a cafe last night - like the Central Perk in Friends, except far less, well, yuppie-y. And the food! The food is so cheap - and good! I spent 28 yuan (about A$7) and got this great meal of Singaporean noodles - so cool!

The only downside so far is that I can't charge my new Eee PC yet - in a brilliant stroke of foreplanning, I forgot an adapter. Most things can plug in to plugs here - for some reason, Australian plugs are okay - but only if they have the third prong (the earth one), I'm classing that under 'oops'.

Totally looking forward to the rest of my time here :D and yes, photos will be coming soon!


Lucas said...

*ignores the post* Where are the photos?!!

Pistevo said...

Yeah, sorry, how long did you take to put up the post from the first day of your trip? :P

Lucas said...

yeah, but i had 20 days of photos and blogging to go through. You have like 0.8 :P

Pistevo said...

yah, you took 20 days to blog the first post! ease up champ, i'm not as efficient as the chinese stereotype :P

Anonymous said...

Enjoy! Look forward to hearing, and seeing :), more.