Friday, October 31, 2008

Another day in the PRC

The Toastmasters meeting was cool - a company based club. I evaluated a speech. Very impressed with the memorised speech - particularly considering that it was her first one in Toastmasters.

After that, went and visited my brother at work, which was cool, and ate at - I kid you not - Cold Stone Icecreamery. Far cooler, though - they'd, like, throw the ball of icecream in the air and catch it with the cup, that kinda thing. So much better than what I'm used to :D

Got set up with someone on a language exchange (someone my brother works with) - basically, I teach someone English, and in return, they teach me Mandarin. Or, more correctly at the moment, I teach them all the rules and pronounciations of English, they teach me how to read Pinyin (looks like English, but a few important differences, like 'zh' becomes 'j'). Working out really well, I think :D

On the way to the language exchange that evening, I passed a sign which I found amusing - in the centre of the image above, it has "THUMB Keeping In Good Health Health Care Spa". I can see how easy the mistake was, but it's still a little jarring :)
That said, I'd rather almost-English than no English at all, like Australia has for all its tourists...

Today, I'm planning on seeing a Confucian temple that's nearby, and maybe pick up a tourist map (the one from 2006 is, sadly, quite out of date...)

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Lucas said...

hehe, yeah there was a Cold Stone in Dubai too.

I would assume that Cold Rock in Australia is a rip-off of that...

Keep up the photos!