Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to Better

Well, I'm no longer that sick. I've got a persistant cough, and my voice doesn't feel like what it used to be, but aside from that, I'm entirely back to normal.

I'm taking a fairly lengthy look at That '70s Show - I'm trying to get through the entire series of 200 (over 8 seasons) before I start working.

Which (cue neat segue) will hopefully be fairly soon. I'm registered with two temping agencies, which should ensure some work. I've also clocked in at 87 words per minute (net), which is awesome, since the last time I was employed in data entry, I was at 72 words per minute. I'm confident.

The sickness did take it out of me, though. Out of willpower (rather than good sense), I went to church on Saturday night - stayed through the service (mostly seated) and went home right on the dismissal, sleeping in for Sunday morning. Like I said, very sick. The last Saturday (being of fairly decent health), I went to church, and went to a mercy meal (the anniversary of a person's repose) afterwards. Then on Sunday, went to church again.

This week, an interview and a skills test (aforementioned), and this weekend a birthday celebration. House blessing planned for next week.

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