Thursday, September 4, 2008

so much so that i forgot a header

I'm sure I'm not saying anything new, but...
...being sick sucks.

It all started yesterday. Well, it probably started on Sunday night, but I started to know about it yesterday. I'd gotten an appointment for temporary positions (i.e. you're employed by a company and they send you to various places that particularly need office workers for a short period of time), which was nice, and I had a dry throat all that morning. My flatmate, on the other hand, was just short of asking for Unction.

Which, sadly, just gave me an idea of what I had to look forward to. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So I went to the interview, did a good job (I think) and then came home...when the sickness set in. Temperature, massive headache, lack of ease in using joints and, for continuity, a dry throat. That was rather unfortunate, since I still had to do the Word, Excel, Typing and Alphanumeric tests. So, in a temporary let-up, I took a Berocca and plowed through the tests. I'm pretty sure I did okay - one wrong in the MS Word test, a few more in the Excel test, and my typing was as fast as I could go.

But, with the illness still with me, I went to the final lecture on the Ecumenical Councils - this week, going into the 'universally recognised as whole-Church binding but not as Ecumenical' Councils: the Eighth Ecumenical to repair the "Photian" Schism (basically, it affirmed St Photios as rightful patriarch - negating previous Papal claims to the contrary - and refused any changes to the Nicene Creed - an explicit rejection of the Filioque); and, the Ninth Ecumenical to affirm hesychasm against scholasticism/rationalism. We also touched on the Sigillion of 1583 (Old/New Calendars).

Sadly, I was quite unable to enjoy it, or to derive much from it - though in my apartment, I'm at an acceptable level of sickness, when I was in the Church, I did not have the same level of comfort. At one point, I had to go to the back and lie down, where I felt much better.

Today, I don't feel too badly, on the scale of how-bad-one-should-feel-while-sick. I'm hoping that my standard hasty recovery time will serve well - the apartment is getting blessed tomorrow, and I'm hoping that we'll be okay for that.

update 8:21pm - had to cancel the house blessing. even if i might have been able (optimistic), my flatmate certainly isn't.


Lucas said...

yep, i'm home sick today with similar symptoms. Had a blazing temperature last night which eventually broke this morning. I don't really have a headache, more really really light-headed - like i'm floating around. Whee

Sick sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hope and pray you, and Lucas, are feeling better soon; I too have been fighting off bugs. Bleh.