Monday, September 1, 2008

Ecclesiastical New Year!

Some big and great news came in today - I got my theology essays back, and not only did I pass both (Old Testament a 'B'-equivalent, Church History 2 a 'A'-equivalent), but the comment at the top of my Church History response was that I have the potential to be a Church historian. Very, very happy indeed!

I've pretty well settled into my new place, all going well thus far. I'm definitely straight back into the uni lifestyle of getting cheap, cheap stuff - the lack of uni studies, at present, regardless :)

Overall, I'm pretty happy.

Last night was the Vespers for the Environment, which basically became the Greek Orthodox contribution to the ecumenical group here (Queensland Churches Together). The Orthodox priests served, and other leaders read most of the readings. I suspect, however, that a lot of the readers were used to things basically changing from week to week...the readings were so slow! I was almost drifting off in one particularly slow rendition. If we did that, our services (already long) would basically double in length. But, OTOH, most people in attendance hadn't heard an Orthodox vespers before, so it was probably not the worst thing...just horrible for us who are used to brisk reading, particularly for the unchangable parts (which are the same every Vespers!)

Well, that's my big news...


Anonymous said...

A blessed Church New Year to you!

Wonderful news on the settling in and particularly the essays: church historian -- I'd love that job. :) Well done.

Fr. Andrew said...

Fine work, sir! We Church historians have to stick together, or we shall all stick separately... (to paraphrase one of my countrymen).