Saturday, August 16, 2008

Part Time Everything

Well, turns out my last post was even being optimistic.

I've decided, instead, that I'm going to drop down to one subject this semester - which means that I'll be studying one subject in education, three half-subjects in applied theology (they're called full subjects, but they're really not) and, on top of that, doing admin work - data entry or something along those lines - to pay the bills. Added to that I'm moving in twelve days time and it's all going to be very stressy!

My rationale is that if I go on a leave of absence (i.e. drop all the subjects), I'll be very much inclined to say 'well screw this for a bad joke' and drop the degree completely come November - this way, I can keep my essay-writing skills up and polished.

I think that if uni started, say, last week I'd have been okay and able to finish my assignments in time. It didn't, obviously, hence why I'm in damage control. On the positive side, I got in just on the last day to withdraw from subjects without financial penalty (and well before the last day without academic penalty).

As it is, however, I have four subjects to go - one this semester, one in summer semester, and two in first semester - one for a subject, the other for prac (which I'll need either leave or resignation to go on, but I should have enough money to do that by then).

I've an appointment with the give-money-to-people-before-they-find-a-job people next week, which should be thrilling. I really don't think I need it, though - I think that my willingness to accept pretty well any level of pay should set me in good stead.

I realise I haven't life-blogged about anything else in ages. Will set that right next post, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the appointment with the money-givers, and all the best with your study.

I too have pulled out of a subject before the financial/academic penalty applied; a good decision if one is not sure -- in my case it was a good one.