Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving day.

Today, I moved into my very central new place of residence. Very happy, albeit somewhat tired and exhausted.

Have been quite preoccupied by my hopes and dreams, how to make them happen and (more importantly) what length of hope/dream they are (lifelong or short term, that kinda thing).

Life is much more relaxed. I'm enjoying this time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Change of Life

So, I've gone on a leave of absence from uni - I've decided to take this semester off entirely.

In a couple of months, I'm intending to take a trip to visit my brother in China, and stay there for a month; then come back for a month, hopefully make another trip for a couple of months. That should take me through to first semester next year, when hopefully, I'll be fully refreshed and able to tackle the wonders of educational theory and practice.

But, to lifeblog this month...
  • All theological essays were submitted on time, much to my relief.
  • I managed to make it to most of the Supplicatory Canon services this Dormition fast. Gave me a good reason to get out of the house - today, actually, has been the first day in quite some time when I had neither reason to get out of the house nor thing to do for the day!
  • Was asked to adjudicate three debates in the state debating finals series this year - two for year 9s, one for year 8s. Was very impressed with one of the debates, was appalled by one and indifferent with the third. Not all debates are top-notch affairs in the first round of finals - you have to weed out the ones that come from lesser regions (which, not to sound snobbish, usually includes those furthest away from the capital).
  • Have been treated to a lecture series on the Ecumenical Councils these last weeks, from the First through the Sixth (as of last night). I already knew the basics around the councils, of course, as well as a number of the key players, but particularly as we got past around 400 I found my knowledge of the background of the councils being somewhat deficient, so I have found significant portions of the lectures to be quite beneficial. I must say, though, that these do seem to be quite advanced lectures - bordering on tertiary standard - so I'm curious as to how many other people are finding the lectures.
  • Met the other landlords for the place that I'm moving into; quite nice people.
  • Delivered my second speech for Toastmasters. The third will be done on the Wednesday coming up.
  • The Archbishop came up on a Sunday. We had discussions about various things, particularly about the future. I've also put an idea to him - keeping posted when it occurs.
  • Trying to get my passport stuff all in hand.
Well, that's about everything for this month. So far, at least - there's still a week to go, after all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Part Time Everything

Well, turns out my last post was even being optimistic.

I've decided, instead, that I'm going to drop down to one subject this semester - which means that I'll be studying one subject in education, three half-subjects in applied theology (they're called full subjects, but they're really not) and, on top of that, doing admin work - data entry or something along those lines - to pay the bills. Added to that I'm moving in twelve days time and it's all going to be very stressy!

My rationale is that if I go on a leave of absence (i.e. drop all the subjects), I'll be very much inclined to say 'well screw this for a bad joke' and drop the degree completely come November - this way, I can keep my essay-writing skills up and polished.

I think that if uni started, say, last week I'd have been okay and able to finish my assignments in time. It didn't, obviously, hence why I'm in damage control. On the positive side, I got in just on the last day to withdraw from subjects without financial penalty (and well before the last day without academic penalty).

As it is, however, I have four subjects to go - one this semester, one in summer semester, and two in first semester - one for a subject, the other for prac (which I'll need either leave or resignation to go on, but I should have enough money to do that by then).

I've an appointment with the give-money-to-people-before-they-find-a-job people next week, which should be thrilling. I really don't think I need it, though - I think that my willingness to accept pretty well any level of pay should set me in good stead.

I realise I haven't life-blogged about anything else in ages. Will set that right next post, I think.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And then there were three...

I think that I've found a solution to my previous post's problems.

I was looking through the subjects I was doing and found that one in particular was going to be very difficult for my next deadline. Coincidentally, the one that I'm having the most trouble in. But, I fear that this is also the subject that will qualify me as an English teacher - sadly, it had to be dropped.

But what I wasn't anticipating was that it's possible to do a subject in summer semester. Now, I've done summer semester before - not saying that it's a piece of cake, but it definitely gives you something to do over the holidays. Plus, it's a subject about classroom behaviour management - something that I happen to be acceptably good at, but would always be interested in knowing more.

So, I'm feeling a lot more relaxed about doing three subjects this semester. Three, I think I can cope with easier. It does change my statscheck, though...

Deadline August 22 - 2100w, 70% (of 200%), 14 days; 150w/day, or 5%/day.
Deadline September 26 - 5900w, 130%, 35 days; 168w/day, or 3.7%/day.

So yes, I'm doing much better, thanks for asking :)
I'm still not sure if education is a good career choice, however - nothing's changed on that front.

Gives a new definition to 'down the drain'...

Here's a tricky one - what do you do if you're in the middle of a degree - or, rather, pretty close to the end of a degree - and you realise that you don't actually want to do what the degree trains you to do? a terrifying realisation. It totally destroys all motivation, robs of the joy...

I should have realised a long time ago that when I said 'I'm just trying to do something to finance what I really want to do', I was going a rather circular route to do it badly.

It's long been a guiding principle (to me, at least) that the purpose of university study is to prepare you for life in the workplace (sans the 9-5 bit) - for example, law students have 100% exams, and philosophy students have plenty of essays. Doing Education and Theology simultaneously is too much, and I think that that's going to continue, regardless of how much I went into it believing that it was complementary. It may be complementary, but it's too much, and it'll continue to be too much.

Will I complete the degree, though? I think so. But I don't think I'll be a teacher.
That said, I may well be wrong, and this may simply be a coping mechanism caused by trying to do too much - it's happened once before, after all. At this point, however, it seems that this is where I am at.