Monday, July 28, 2008

60 Days until a Holiday

Well, it's all looking official regarding the move - looks slated to happen in the last weekend of August. Very excited - I've wanted to live in that inner-city-ghetto-turned-yuppieland since around the turn of the millenium, so it's fulfilling a long-time dream of mine :)

One more essay is done. Just have a book review to go...four pages and my theology essays are done. Of course, then it's straight back into education essays, so I'm never quite free until, like, mid-September, for a week (which is after all the due-dates but before prac).
I'm particularly worried about that. Quite literally, I haven't had a real holiday since February - the midsemester break isn't a holiday anyway (and that's when I had my surgery), and the combination of problems with my last place of residence, moving and doing theology essays has wiped out a solid six weeks of holiday. I'm really worried that I won't have the right perspective and that I won't be in a clear headspace, nor one able to focus on unit outlines and such things. I'm hoping that I can hold out for the next 60 days, until the end of September.

One other exciting thing - I may be nominated to represent my Toastmaster's club at District level. We'll need to do some things quickly to fit into the rules, but it's looking good so far.
And one disappointing thing - a friend of mine was slated to be ordained soon, but as it happens, well, it's not going to happen. I was greatly looking forward to the event, but I'm taking as my lesson that we can never count chickens before hatching - we can say that something is certain when it has already happened, but until then, things are not entirely in our own hands.

I'm feeling somewhat confident about my Education course this semester. And by confident, I mean 'not a nervous wreck'...hopefully, I stay that way (with reason) through the semester! Today's English curriculum subject gave me some hope that I'd be okay - good lecturer.
I also taught R.E. today, which I enjoyed. We talked about the Liturgy - a very fun activity for me, and since I didn't get that many interruptions (not sure if that's my teaching ability or the topic), I have to assume that I had some success, which is a little encouraging.


Lucas said...

and it would sure make giving you a lift home much easier ;)

Anonymous said...

Prayers that you be granted the strength to get through the next 60 days... God bless.