Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bringing a whole new meaning to Yes, Minister

Well, it turns out that some things have been happening...stay with me on this one, because the tenses might get confusing.

The parish that I am normally present at on Sundays is a rather small parish, one that I go quite some distance to get to (the second city away, actually). As you may imagine, a pain both to wake up on time and to get there at the right time.

That aside. I'd previously - around the December-January time - said that there was very little utility in my being there, and I was a long way away from the closest church to me (which, btw, is the standard church that one should attend). However, I was all-but ordered to continue to attend this church and to help out where I could, which I diligently and faithfully did. To do so, various people were asked to give me a lift from the train to the parish. Due to a shortage of available people, I asked someone myself.

The one in clerical authority has just returned from a trip to Alaska, among other places, and it seems that this trip has meant that he has come back ice-cold towards, well, anyone who has directly spoken to the one in episcopal authority.
Said one in clerical authority today delivered what was essentially a pre-sermon, summarising Fr Michael Oleksa's letter and being quite sure to emphasise Bp Nikolai's dictatorial style of leadership (which I am utterly certain will have repercussions) on the pretext of keeping the faithful aware of abuses in other parts of the world (despite this having happened three months ago in another continent and under another jurisdiction).
This, btw, is arguably an abuse of the pulpit, but I digress.

Surrounding this, said priest essentially asked me not to be at that parish under these conditions, as there was no utility in my presence and I could just as easily be at the parish in my city.
Both true. But why now?

At some level, I'm somewhat aggreived by how this whole thing has been done. At the same time, I'm relieved that this has finally happened. But it is a sad indictment of the place, and I shouldn't need to refer to certain Eastern European proverbs about fish...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of the troubles.

I pray you find a good home at the parish in your city.