Thursday, July 31, 2008

57 days

On a more lifeblogging's not often that I go off about topics - greatly enjoy them, though!

Almost finished my theology essays - just have to expand one paragraph, write a concluding summary and a conclusion.
The fact that I'm almost done is both good and bad - as much as I can complain (and, don't worry, I have done), I do like studying theology - I just don't like having to write about it without having first studied it properly. Education, not so much, and the end of my theology essays (for now) means that I have to get stuck into doing stuff for education - the thing that will actually pay money.

I've done a Statscheck up for it - rather elementary at the moment, but since I haven't started anything...
Keeping in mind that I'm doing four subjects - one of them is prac, which means that the other three have to be condensed into, like, 10 weeks (and all before Midsem - thanks, Uni!).
I have two due dates for six pieces of assessment. The first is in 21 days time, on 22 Aug, with a total of 120% (out of 300%) due, with the need to write 4100w. That means that, each day, I need to do 5.7% of an assignment - that is, 195 words every day.
After that, I can breathe a rather small sigh of relief, because the next due date is 35 days later, on 26 Sep, with a total of 180% due, comprising 7900w; meaning that, each day, I need to do 5.1% of an assignment - that is, 226w every day. More words for less percentage, bad deal, but do keep in mind that a lot of those words are basically repetition - lesson plans, for instance, will always have some things just ripped out of the syllabus wholesale.

200 words per day is actually rather standard, particularly knowing previous semesters. The concern is that usually my first two weeks are spent doing nothing. Instead of going from lazy to stressed (or, if you will, from good to bad), I'm going from stressed to moreso (or, from bad to worse).

On another note, I got a shipment of books yesterday and today: Hannah Arendt's The Life of the Mind - which, based on the wikipedia article, looks absolutely fascinating - along with three Orthodox books - Fr Seraphim (Rose)'s biography (which is about two inches thick), the latest Bible study book by Fr Lawrence Farley and the Divine Liturgy study by, again, Fr Lawrence. Greatly looking forward to reading all of these, somewhat saddened that the next time will be in September, when I'll probably have to be studying for what I'm going to be teaching...eek!

57 days...

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