Tuesday, June 17, 2008

P's make degrees, 4s open doors...

So. I submitted my assignments. Turns out, I got most of my other assignments back, too - basically, I'm sitting on all fours (no pun intended - for those unfamiliar to university scoring, that means I'm getting somewhere between 50-65% overall for all of my non-prac subjects). I'm okay with that. Not thrilled, mind you, but okay.

Saturday, celebrated my father's birthday (last week was the family celebration; this week was the friends-plus-family celebration). Fair bit of friction between two people (myself included) and one particular person, basically based along the lines that (if I was going to be charitable) she was used to running the show and wasn't about to stop that just because she, ahem, wasn't actually running the show. Bit the metaphoric tongue quite a few times. The irony was that half of the conversation was centred around the explicit theme of disproving her lack of intelligence. It sounds horrible, but she was actually the person who brought that topic up. I'm not quite sure exactly how much of a contradiction-in-terms the entire ordeal was, but I was glad to have an excuse to amuse myself in other areas.

After that, I caught up with a friend who was going overseas. Y'know, eventually - her flight was the next day, and some things needed to be done. Unfortunately, time got away and we ended up talking basically through the time for church. Considering her departure and my going to church the next morning (and, hey, that it was stimulating conversation), well worth it.

Speaking of which, went to church the next morning, had breakfast and coffee afterwards. It's probably the shared experience of the people there (all been/being involved in some form of ministry), but I'm really enjoying the discussions and the interplay.

Monday was busy, went to church in the morning, had breakfast with a couple of people, then did R.E. I was wondering how my first week back would be, and thought that I'd just have some fun with it. Bad move, cardinal sin of teaching is to walk in jovial and then get serious, because it never works without some kind of transition. Especially when, in this case, there were about 45 students there. Afterwards went to lunch, then went home.

Today, I did...almost nothing. If I didn't need to go to the shops and get some milk (among other things), I probably would have stayed in tracksuit pants for the day. Tomorrow will be largely the same, except for debating in the evening; Thursday the same again (without debating), and Friday will also be sans activity.
Sometimes it's good to have nothing to do, but where I am, it's actually sucking quite a bit.

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