Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not Many Holidays

It's only been ten days...
In that time, I've been posting the sermons that I've been presenting on my Facebook account, along with some of the theological essays that I've completed thus far, so I haven't entirely neglected the blogosphere.

I mentioned last post that I was largely sans activity, well...not anymore! I checked my inbox and found the next batch of "exams" (really, essays), so I've got six essays to write in six weeks - half of them 4-5 pages, the other half 5-8 pages, which worked out to being about 9000w in total. This wouldn't be intimidating - at university, this might be the amount expected for two first year subjects in a non-theological area - but I haven't even looked at the textbooks all year. Unfortunately, to read the textbooks is actually the point of the course, but just like in my philosophy degree, I kinda skipped that.

Sunday was the last Sunday that I've been asked to deliver a sermon, which is...well, what it is. The Sunday upcoming, the bishop comes up and ordains a deacon to the priesthood, which I'm (obviously) looking forward to.
The Sunday just past was the beginning of what I'm going to call the 'forty hour fever'. It began as a headache (and I had to do a sermon through it - not cool!) and increased so that I was, literally, needing a wet facecloth to get to sleep...then I somehow cottoned on that I was sugar-deficient, and on Tuesday I just had it where if I moved my head too fast it would hurt, and Wednesday, all over. Strangely, it still hurts if my eyes move too much too fast...which I don't understand, but hey.


Lucas said...

Ten days is a long time!

Sugar deficient ey? Well i'm pretty sure that i'm 100% safe from falling victim to that...

Smitty said...

Oh, trust me: I'm blaming the gym workout I had :P

Anonymous said...

Yes: gyms are evil things. :)

Thanks for posting the sermons up too; I've greatly enjoyed, and been edified by, reading them.

A blessed Feast of Ss Peter and Paul!