Friday, June 6, 2008

Lots of debating talk and remembering how good I've got it

Well, final day on prac. Just a couple of further observations...

Yesterday, I was at a debating meeting (my last one), and the three teams gave me a present - a gift voucher for was really awesome. Not the voucher, but that they valued my contribution...very happy :)

Today was exam supervision. It was boring. And, of course, will be boring (since I have more supervisions to go). I think they dump supervisions on the prac teachers because, well, we're not marking, after all.

Had an interesting experience on Wednesday night - my first complaint from a coach. I've generally been pretty good in my adjudications, as far as responses go - parents from both sides often compliment, debaters are quite receptive, everyone seems okay with the result, even if it didn't go their way on the night. That night, though, the coach spoke to me after the debate, opening with that classic line of diplomacy, 'I disagree with everything you said', and then worked backwards from there - including following that by saying that she did, in fact, agree with a lot of what I said. She basically said that the Affirmative team (i.e. not her team) didn't explicitly say that they were going to prove the topic (which, I'm fairly sure I said, was a ridiculous thing to say) and that I had missed the Negative team's (i.e. her team's) caseline (which is just funny, because if it's the caseline it's impossible to miss!). I politely told her that she didn't know what she was talking about, and she probably didn't accept that, but she did walk away in the middle of a tirade, which suited me fine.

Had pizza last night. I like my greasy American-style pizza. When the delivery boy came, though, I was struck by how sucky some jobs were, and how deeply unhappy people could be. I've been unhappy before - very much so, like most people - but he seemed to be depressed on a contagious level, as if you get bummed out by seeing him. It's a healthy reminder that I do actually enjoy what I'm doing. Teaching may have its downs and have annoying people to deal with, but it's got a lot of positives and I could definitely see myself teaching for at least ten years.

I'm delivering another sermon this Sunday, on the Gospel theme (First Ecumenical Council). Doing sermons is, well, for me, it's kinda fulfilling. I love public speaking (and rhetoric in general), and I love educating, and I love telling people about God, so personally, it's the best of everything that I'm wanting to be doing with myself.

And my brother comes back from China today...I'll see him after prac. Tomorrow's my dad's birthday, so we should have a nice family day between tonight and tomorrow. It's a full day, liturgically :)


Lucas said...

Sounds like somebody was a sore loser...

What are you going to spend your voucher on?

Smitty said...

That was the weirdest thing - one of the things conceded (a number of times) was 'you had to give that decision', which admittedly threw me - if it was that obvious, shut up and improve for next time and stop bugging me!

Not sure what I'm spending the voucher on yet...I don't really have my eyes on anything at the moment. Maybe some DVDs? *shrug*