Thursday, June 12, 2008

End of Semester! *Relief*

As of about 4:30 this morning (or so), I finished all the assessment due for this semester. YAY!
I just need to proofread the two pieces and submit them today, then I am done. Oh, I don't normally proofread. But this assignment was hard - probably the hardest assignment I've done to date - and I did parts of it over a number of weeks (about five actual sessions of writing); but, that's kinda to be expected, because it was an assignment that had some primary research in it (mine were surveys). Because of the uniqueness of the area, I'm considering submitting it to a journal of some kind (after some more polish, of course).

Trust me, I'm very happy that - marks going well - I'm half finished my course.

Other things that have happened...

On Friday, as you may have guessed, I finished my practicum and got a 'Very Good' (basically, on a scale of A to D, I got a B), which I'm very happy with. Considering where they expect us to be at this point regardless of how much education we've done, very happy indeed. And I know my supervising teachers well enough to know that they're not just playing nice, either. As I've said previously, I was lucky enough to get people that basically gelled with my personality type, and that means no unworthy praise - which, of course, means more.

Saturday was my father's birthday, so I spent the day over at my parent's with them and my brother, who has come back from Shanghai. Sunday was church in the morning, where I preached a sermon (on the Gospel of the First Ecumenical Council, appropriately enough), and afterwards went to the youth bbq that was being held at another parish.

The birthday of the Queen went largely unnoticed on Monday (uni student, remember) except for changes in bus timetables. I went out to coffee with one of my housemates, which was cool, and bought a pair each of athletic shoes and sandles, which was necessary. Nothing flash - I think I got the cheapest pairs in Payless Shoes, which should say something - but I'm quite happy with the purchases.

Tuesday was a day when I false-started on the assignment, only to watch TV shows; then, on Wednesday, did largely the same thing. Now, I had two assignments - the research one and a reflection - to go, which was only about 1500 words, but I had no idea on the latter assignment and a lot of things to research in the former. So, I did the logical thing and decided that I would be better able to do the assignments if I was doing them in the wee hours of the morning.
Sound plan, right?
So at about 4pm, I realised that I had my Toastmasters meeting at 6 and wouldn't get home until 9, and then I discovered that State of Origin football (i.e. the biggest three-match series of the year) was on that night. Finding myself entirely unable to do my preparatory snooze has, well, made me doubt my work, hence where proofreading comes in. On the positive side, I'd had that bottle of V in my fridge for too long. On the negative side, I still have half the Red Bull. And as someone who has tasted Red Bull, trust me, it's a negative.

So today, I plan to submit my assignments, pick up the marks that I've already received, and then go home. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my day, but you can be quite certain that I'll not be spending it doing anything terribly radical like, say, moving.

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