Friday, May 2, 2008

My GradDip has taken over my last three days.

Major things that have occured:

I almost finished one of my assignments. Just have to finish the lesson plan and get the resources for that lesson, and that'll be the assignment finished and complete. Still have the other assignment to go, of course (and that one's 4000 words - an extra 1000), and have until Wednesday to do it, so...that's 1000 words a day, which hypothetically shouldn't be terribly hard, but I'm really not looking forward to it.

Had my first day of prac today, which I'm just home from. I'm glad I've gone, because it's convinced me that schools (and particularly large businesses) are largely the same everywhere - not run like a precision machine, but gets the job done with a brave face and a kind of group identity based on knowing that a precision machine it ain't.
See, I'm technically a SOSE teacher, but really, all of my specialising has been in either civics (junior legal studies) or modern history, and next semester it will be in English as well. All well and good. My school gave me ancient history and, just to cap it off, junior geography. Obviously.
I'm lucky, though - one ancient history class and the geography class are in areas where I happen to have a pet interest, and the other ancient history class...well, it's not going into too much depth, so I'll be able to keep up fairly easily.

Had an odd dream last night. Was walking along somewhere with my best friend, then stopped somewhere and, for some reason, she was gone and I knew she'd been kidnapped. Then, as I was looking for her, I saw another friend of mine and told her to run and get out; later, I found out that they had both been kidnapped. Really strange - firstly because I rarely get dreams. I'm inclined to think of it as the outpouring of a general fear that I don't think is terribly uncommon - I'm not a big fan of losing people from my life (which is something that I fear is going to be inevitable at the end of the year - and not because I'm planning to move somewhere)

Tonight, I have adjudicating at the alma mater, which should be fun - at least it's not my uni course. I'm so sick of it. Even though I know that I'll need to at least throw the long weekend at the assignment, my brain is mush and needs other stimulation before it wilts...not unlike the flowers we have in the vase downstairs.

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Anonymous said...

I have about 500 words a day to do: also not motivated at all.

Re the general fear of losing people from your life, I know it is not the same, but e-mail [and the phone] can be a great help in this. And, from experience, when you do get to catch up with these people again, it is often as though you'd never been apart. Still doesn't make it easy though. God bless.