Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Fridge Quotes!

My fridge, when I was living on the Gold Coast, had some awesome quotes that I really liked, and now, I've finally gotten around to posting them online. That only took, what, six months?

On the left hand side:
A shopping list. Having one on the fridge actually makes a lot of sense.

"A smile is a sign of joy, a hug is a sign of love, a laugh is a sign of happiness, and a friend like me...well, that's a sign of...good taste!" - Mel.

"Some have to make the fumes, some have to breathe them in..." - Streaky.

And on the front:

"I've seen the books you read, I'll stick to Tolstoy." - Teddy.

"Cheese is your friend!" - Stixie.

"This isn't about...booze and crackers on a lazy Sunday morning!" - Smitty.

"I was kinda hoping that there wasn't a bullet there...but obviously there was." - Mr T.

"You art corrected"
"How butchered did Old English just get?!" - Emster and Smitty.

"I need to wash need to wash up, honey."
"You guys are pigs!" - Teddy and Ange.

"I care more about what my Converse shoelace has to say, because at least I know my shoelace won't say anything stupid!" - Teddy.

"Not many people visit me..."
"Yeah. It'd help if you were more popular." - Smitty and Mel.

"I just had this great idea"
"Do whatever you want, just don't wake me up" - Ted and Robin, from How I Met Your Mother.

"My head hurts."
"That's your brain, trying to comprehend it's own stupidity." - Eric and Red, from That '70s Show.

And on the other side...
"No wonder [he] likes you, he's probably never seen anything so entertaining!" - Lizzy.

"You could submit a cereal box if you wanted; you'll just fail, that's all!" - Dp.

"Can I have the least orange cheese?" - Stixie.

"My car has been there so long, you can see it on Google Earth!" - Stixie.

On cooking with the windows open: "Great. My house smells like a rissole." - Smitty.

On giving pearls to swine: "They'd sniff it and inhale it through their eyeball!" - Macca.

(this side was kinda long, and wouldn't fit in one photo - my photoshopping - sans photoshop - is why it looks a bit odd half-way down)

"There's nothing about being a verger that says you have to be a virgin. It's New and Improved!" - Emster.

"I don't objectify women!"
"Oh, really!"
"Well...not verbally..." - Smitty.

"Do U Believe in love at first sight? Cause I can go past again......" [sic] - Mel.

"Of course it's a fake smile, I'm talking to my fake friend!" - Mel.

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