Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's taken over more than just three days!

My Education grad-diploma just took over my last week!
Oh, not all of it. My planner said that it would take over an entire week - 1000 each day, to be precise. And yet, I had two entire days where I did, well, far less than that on my assignments.

My first unit outline was handed in yesterday, which is lovely, and my second unit outline was completed yesterday - to be handed in today (I know it's odd, but I'm waiting for my iPod to charge to a decent-enough level). So I'm pretty much set, assessment-wise - I have a couple of prac-related assignments to go (about 1350 words for one and about 2500 words for the other), but there's no rush for either, and, of course, I still have prac to go.

But there were two days where it all went to *cough*. I can categorically say that the Sunday just past was the worst day of the year (to date), and I hope to God (without any blasphemy at all) that it stays that way for a very long time.
I'm not at liberty to disclose what happened, and I'm fairly sure that even if I was, I wouldn't want to broadcast it (I have a few moments in my life that a handful of people know, and half of them are confessors - I'm not proud of those moments, but they do exist, and I'm sure I'm not unique).
Suffice to say that after resisting something for a long time (which, in this case, finally culminated in a psychosomatic reaction), I tend to take quite some time to recover - which, in my case, meant that I hid in my room for two full days in a state of what could understatedly be termed as 'down in the dumps', which rendered me unable to do much more than microwave frozen pies - which, of course, probably didn't help from a nutritional standpoint, but that was hardly at the forefront of my mind.
It's not easy to admit that. What I went through sucked, emotionally - I was really happy, basking in a Paschal afterglow - I wasn't just laughing at jokes easily, I was joyful. So going from that to depressed-for-two-full-days was, well, like falling off a very high cliff into a briskly-moving lagoon.
I'm feeling better now - time helps - and I did recover enough to finish my assignment (albeit, probably not very well). I'll probably be entirely back to normal by Friday.

My housemate flew out of Brisbane today, up to far-north Queensland for a week - it's going to be a little odd, because my other housemate is also going through prac to be a high school teacher, and it'll probably be the first time that we've simulated having a Monday-to-Friday routine (school hours being what they are - I think I'll end up leaving far earlier in the morning and getting back a little earlier in the afternoon...not sure about that, though).

I've got adjudicating tonight, then church tomorrow morning (which is good - the last midweek service in a while, and I missed communing on the weekend); Friday is my second observation day, then straight into prac on Monday. I'm hoping that all will go well...

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