Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Post Illustrated

This was the view of the bus that I took to get from uni today to the city. It's an inter-campus shuttle bus, goes quarter-hourly, and it's full. Now, admittedly, the other end of the shuttle bus takes you to the city, which is where most people would go to get a bus home or whatnot, but still - what is with all the traffic?

Today at uni I figured out more about how to do my first real piece of assessment (3.75% doesn't really count - 20%, 1000w, on the other hand, totally counts).

I also decided to effectively change teaching areas - before, I was going to be a social science teacher (3 subjects), with an extra specialisation in senior history (1 subject); now, I'm going to be a social science teacher (2 subjects) with an emphasis on history (1 subject that's part of the social science sequence) and an extra specialisation in English (1 subject).

After another fiasco today (i.e. rent day), my housemates also decided to get a house account to pay the rent from. Should make life much easier.

Part of that fiasco was that I had to settle accounts with my previous place of residence - now, almost everything is sorted - all over bar the bond, I suppose.

Dear me, is this a short post after only a one day interval? Is it possible that I'm returning to more frequent blogging - with pictures? Stay tuned...

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Lucas said...

yay pictures!