Monday, March 31, 2008

No more midsemester, go away Autumn

So, it's been a little while since I posted last. I mean, lifeblogged last - I don't count my previous post as a post about me, so...

I didn't get as much assessment done as I had planned - I finished about 45% worth. Enough to keep me safe from handing in late assignments for the next week, yes, but when I have a total of 120% of 300% (pre-prac) due on a Friday-Monday coming up in five scant weeks, with other stuff due in the meantime, you can probably see why I'm not really concerned with the whole head-above-water stuff - keeping ahead is keeping my head above water.

Saturday was an awesome night. Preceded by going to Raby Bay as a household trip, I went to church. As part of the Earth Hour deal, the priests decided to celebrate in the dark. Any excuse for a vigil, I suppose! Anyway, it rocked, and Lucas has a good post that I'm not going to copy.

Sunday, went to church, came back, spent the afternoon at my housemates place of work. After that, went to the Bible study (that isn't really a Bible study - more of a topic study, as I was trying to explain to my housemate...but topic study just doesn't sound good), came back and went to bed. Sunday's are always a long day, starting at 5am, but never so much as when I don't get to sleep until the evening. It's good, because that means that I don't screw up my sleeping pattern, but not so good, because I feel tired for a portion of the day, which is a sensation that I don't particularly enjoy.

Woke up this morning to find out, in no uncertain manner, that it was Autumn. I'd been able to ignore this for the best part of a month, because it just wasn't acting like Autumn, but today I could ignore it no longer. I'm wearing my senior's jersey from high school, and even though I miss Summer, at least I get to wear this. Kinda a consolation prize.

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Lucas said...

pfff, summer's overrated, bring on the cold! :P