Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Weekends Are Big

It's like my time at uni is really my weekend!

Friday...not sure what I did. Went to uni, I think.

Saturday was a day of chilling - said goodbye to a housemate's mother who had been staying for a little bit - then church in the evening. Caught up with some of the OCCG folks, which was both a bit different and nice. Was supposed to go out that night, but things took a different turn and I ended up just going to sleep.

Had a bit of a discussion about "external relations", if you will. One of the natural consequences of believing that Orthodoxy is, well, God's religion (it's a little more complicated, but this adjectival statement will do) is that one has to decide how to relate to those outside the Church. The person I was talking to was saying that we should have a deal of respect for other Christian denominations, but seemed to stop part way through because I was frowning rather noticeably.

To be fair, my interlocutor was riffing on an experience where a (protestant) Christian was attacking said interlocutor based on Orthodox theology - especially icons.
However, I don't think that people should be accorded more respect because of their religion or lack thereof, or their denomination or deficiency therein, and I think that I did disagree with this, but I think that 'should we offer protestants respect because they also worship Christ' is asking the wrong question: we were told to love everyone. We can respect another person's ability to believe and the sincerity of that belief without necessarily referencing the truth of that belief, and certainly without implying acceptance of that belief. Any evangelistic endeavour (in the sense that living the Christian life should be leading people towards Christ) that starts off saying 'you are wrong' is doomed to failure - through no fruit, or worse, through poisonous fruit.

Sunday, I went to church - got a picture of a sign at the train station that had graffiti on it, which I found amusing (look at the head of the pedestrian). It was Forgiveness Sunday, so after the service we had a rite of forgiveness - in this case, it involves asking everyone present for their forgiveness, bowing as it happens. After this, I was driven back, and we went to another church that was doing much the same thing - this time, using a double cheek-kiss. Went home, then went to another church for the same deal, but this time it came after a Vespers (as is the ideal). After that, someone invited me to share a pre-lent meal, which was awesome - cheese pizza, chocolate iceblocks, prawns and rice in sauce, defrosted battered fish, washed down by chocolate milk...it was awesome.

Monday saw me teach RE. Not as good a class, I think - I could have planned my content a little better. It still worked very well, though.
Then went to have coffee with a friend at uni, did a little study, then went to a tute. Went home, went to church for Great Compline, which went for a lot longer than I thought it would - 2 hours, when I'm used to about 40mins! It was good, though. As cliched as it sounds, praying rocks, particularly in community.

Today was a lecture, then home, then submitting my form for the government-funded student subsidy. Oh, and I set up an account to do payments with.

Things still yet to do - renew learner's permit (I know...); laundry; like, every essay...

Looking forward to a friend's ordination to the diaconate, which is coming up in the next two weeks...stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Love the sign!

And prayers for your friend as the ordination approaches.