Thursday, March 6, 2008

More shoutout than post

Well, I've continued the streak, and it's now three-in-a-row. My new phone takes good enough pictures - with easy enugh connection to Wingman (the laptop) - that I can just take a photo and easily upload it when I get home. The novelty hasn't worn off, anyway.

I'd like to do a shout-out to the folks at Icon New Media Network, particularly at Generation Orthodox. They've put out some really great podcasts thus far, and I'm impatiently waiting for a new show...very impatiently! Especially the GenOrthodox podcast, the people on there seem very...real about their faith. It's cool to listen to. I even have a t-shirt - black, with the logo on the front. I suppose I can give a secondary shout to Fullness of the Faith for making that t-shirt :) They make plenty of Orthodox stuff that I would actually wear - so check it out!

Based on playing this song on a Generation Orthodox podcast, I downloaded a song by Fr Justin Mathews called 'nathanial miles' (nocaps and all). It's not a particularly preachy song, and certainly not Byzantine chant - it sounded, well, like a song with drums, a guitar and a singer, that kinda thing. Check it out (I got it from iTunes)!

Today I went to uni and got a book of readings. I have to say that I kinda feel sorry for the lady taking this course - she's obviously well overworked. Did a little study, looked at my first piece of assessment and kinda felt an implosion in my brain, and stopped thinking about it :)

To all those who had commented - thanks! I didn't actually know that there were any comments being made until I accidentally saw one and then scrolled down to see more...and realised that I didn't set it so that I'd get comment notifications in my e-mail. Fixed now, so I'll actually start replying to comments :)
Regarding the Converts group - prayers much appreciated. It's kinda unfortunate that it is needed, but with that assumed it's certainly a positive step forward.

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