Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Time Between Posts

I didn't think it was so long between posts...

The rest of Wednesday last ended with the Presanctified Liturgy, which was awesome (in more than one sense).

The end of last week was rather quiet. Lots of assignment writing. I finished that assignment, then used Sunday to do the bibliography. Sadly, I'm having to get used to APA style, instead of Harvard, which is similar enough to be really annoying - it's basically just different commas, full stops and brackets...very annoying.

In addition to that, we had the landlord visit to do some repairs. Now, when you're renting, the landlord has to give three days notice to do an inspection. This wasn't an inspection, but you know that if they enter the house and see it a mess, they're going to end up by saying 'and we'll see you in three days', so you basically have to treat it like an inspection. So that was my Thursday.

It gave me a chance to clean my room and to finally put together my prayer corner (which is rather traditional amongst Orthodox); and it gave one of my housemates a chance to make a rather dodgy looking chair into what I dubbed 'the radioactive chair'. Check out the pic to see what I mean...

Sunday, I went to my usual church, and was asked if I'd be able to do some sermons, which I was very happy to accept. I've got about 10 weeks notice, but I've finished them already, so there'll be a little bit of playing with the fonts and margins and a fair bit of coming back to them in a week to make sure that they a) flow and b) are less than 10mins long.

I also got given a bottle of tonic (this one was a light-red colour). Whatever that is, I thought that the labels for it were awesome - it's supposed to look like medicine, and starts off with "for the temporary relief of normal", and I'll let my devoted readers read the rest :)

Monday, I taught an R.E. class. Kinda trippy - started off with St Gregory Palamas, when I found out that it's really hard to teach people who don't really want to learn, then flipped it to someone else to talk about Job, who found a similar thing, then flipped back to me when I did a little bit on Christology - who Jesus is. I tried to summarise both segments with some easy-to-remember lines; don't know how much sunk in. Then, for whatever reason, a whole bunch of students asked about paganism, so I tried to do a comparative segment about that. Fortunately (or otherwise), I know a fair bit about the subject matter, so I feel like I was able to do it justice.

Today I went to uni, and sent a very annoyed e-mail to another lecturer about some of the members in a presentation group. Think I'll be external for that subject...

Got a pretty sweet ending to today - my grandma called and offered to buy me a bed (a 'luxury' that I had eschewed since moving to my current abode) as a belated birthday, which is totally awesome!

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