Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Week of Uni

It's been a long time since I've updated. It seems longer because February is a little shorter, but it's not that much shorter...it's been about a week.

I really enjoyed my first week back at uni. Great lectures, met some people (hi!), interesting topics. I'm really concerned about the assessment, though. Really. Hopefully this will mean that I'll be nervous enough to do it all quickly or something, but I have a bad feeling that it's going to rise and rise and the nerves will actually prevent me from doing much. I suppose I'll have to chill. Or get a valium or something :P

I'm trying to go to uni even on the days when I don't have class, just to do some study - not sure how well it's going to work, but with the state of my room, it's almost giving me an incentive to go to uni...

Friday was adjudicating - my last school vs my old school. I have to say that I was really disappointed with the behaviour and debating etiquette amongst one of those schools especially (and it's probably too easy to figure out which is which, so I'll avoid the defamation case now by not specifying). It's not hard to listen to an adjudication and not talk, particularly when the adjudicator is speaking about not talking while a speaker is talking. Seriously.

Saturday was the aforementioned Orthodox Christian Converts Group (now at occg.info), which was good - there's a definite attempt to avoid politics, which is both good and difficult...at some level, politicking is probably a significant reason why the group needs to exist in the first place. But, it's good, because there's no point getting away from something when all that you're doing is replicating it. Hopefully there'll be a change there and growth can happen.

Sunday saw me at the Gold Coast - today, a former Anglican priest (chrismated into the Church about 9 months ago now) served in the altar, which was really good to see - and about time, too. That night was a Bible study of sorts - it's called that, but the topic of discussion is very much on theology - that night was 'predestination and free will', for example, and aside from looking at where the basis of predestinationism was in Scripture (mostly through misapplication and taking out of context with the rest of Scripture, btw), it was mostly historical.

The next day, I was at RE, and found myself teaching not only my own year 10 class (11 students), but also the year 8 and 9 class (about 17 students) - 38 students in total, for a class that lasted for 70mins!
All in all, it actually worked out fantastically. My basic deal was to...act like a teacher. I know, profound. I even told one boy to tuck in his shirt - it's the power establishment that is so essential in class management - I don't enjoy it, but it's a tool I'll need to use, and then relax as the year goes on.
I don't know what changed, though, between the last time I taught - here or at my last school - but something seems different now. I was able to hold the attention of about 35 students (of the 38) for an hour, which is something that I never could have done before. When I last taught RE here, I was holding the attention of the whole class of 15 for most of the 30min period, which I was very happy with; when I last taught, I could hold attention for most of the class, but often couldn't actually come up with enough content for the whole length of class. That almost happened on Monday, actually, then I did a quick left turn.
I think that I'm starting to act like a teacher, and behave like a teacher would, and I think that the students respect that relationship. There's only a finite number of relationships that most students have - parent-child, teacher/coach-student, friend-friend. Before, I tried to be like the cool uncle or the much-older brother, and I think that's a relationship that most students don't have, and won't have until they're adults, and so it's easier to develop that cool uncle/nephew relationship - and you can't forge a new style of relationship in a group over about 5.

After that, I sorted out the music for a Presanctified Liturgy, then went to an interview for a chaplaincy position. I'm fairly confident about how I went in the interview.
After that, I tried to go back to uni, but it was too late. I was told later that it was a good thing I didn't go, so I'm happy.

Today was uni - went there, came home, slept. I think teaching so many for so long and an interview really took it out of me.

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Anonymous said...

So busy indeed. I feel terribly lazy.

And prayers for the Orthodox Christian Converts Group.