Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Ol' Ordination

That was a big weekend.

So we had the metropolitan up this weekend, which was awesomely intense - started at the Akathist on Friday, through Vespers on Saturday and culminating in a matins and hierarchical Divine Liturgy with an ordination to the diaconate. *turns fanboy*.

Ordinations are always amazing experiences. Photos are available.

That was pretty much my weekend.

On the Thursday preceding, we had a game of Mahjong, which was totally awesome. The winner that day was...Emma - congrats!

Tonight we had another game, with Bradley being the winner - again, congrats!

I have to say, it's really starting to annoy me that I have done really well, pretty well each week. And I've done quite nicely on quite a few nights. But aside from the first few times we've played (when everyone basically didn't know what they were doing), I've basically made the second place my own. First Bradley trended winning, then Emi, and now it seems to be spiralling again...but whatever seems to happen, I seem to be holding onto second.

See, in Mahjong, it doesn't actually matter how well you do if you don't win that hand - only the winner's tiles and points are counted, and for whatever reason, I don't win big - I generally get a couple of points above the bad-win-bonus (the winner gets 20 points, and if they don't have any valuable sets of tiles, then they get double that as a consolation - I, on the other hand, get the 20 points but don't get the double because I've gotten a three-of-a-kind or somesuch - e.g. tonight, my biggest win was 24x4 which, rounded down, totals 80). However, the person who comes first invariably flukes a massive win (the big win tonight, for comparison, netted 960 points), which means that it's very difficult for someone like me to catch up.

Other things I did this week include getting the marks for one of my three applied theology subjects back (of the three passing grades, I got the top passing grade) and doing assessment. I did 40% worth on Monday, but the week has gotten away from me, so I will have to do a decent effort tomorrow to get to my desired total for this break...and I didn't factor Holy Week into my calculations, so I'll be working as much as I can tomorrow and Saturday so that Holy Week isn't affected too much...

Lastly, the funniest 'game over' interaction that I've read (see Barmaid Blog):
Dude: Can I buy you a drink?
Chick: No hablo ingl├ęs.
Dude: ¿Bien, puedo comprarte una bebida?
Chick: Ich spreche nicht Spanischen.

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Anonymous said...

He he he: love those quotes. He he.

And many, many years to the Reverend Deacon James Savage.