Sunday, February 10, 2008

Woah, it's been a while! Essays, Birthday, Debating

Definitely a tiring couple of weeks!

I'm kinda sorry that it's been so long since I've posted - lots has been happening!

Well, that's not entirely accurate: my essays have been getting done. I'm now finished for this semester of theological studies - two weeks, and my teaching qualification begins. No rest...
I've shown a few essays to some people who I would estimate as having some level of expertise in the area, and generally gotten some really good feedback, which is very encouraging. Tomorrow I'll go through the essays, make sure that what I was writing at 3am is actually understandable, make sure that I'm not inadvertantly saying any heresies, that kind of thing.

Aside from that...
It was my birthday on Friday - last one before I'm classed as being in my mid-twenties, as a friend politely reminded me. Celebrated on the day with my parents coming over (more at end) and debating (more later). Also celebrated on Saturday night at Lone Star restaurant.

I'm not sure if it's profitable to experience this, but I'm almost feeling bored. I'm used to being very actively involved, ecclesiastically speaking, and aside from my actual theological education itself, I don't feel like I'm doing terribly much, and between that fact and my own ruminations, it's difficult not to take that very badly.

On the aforementioned Friday, I got back into doing adjudicating at my alma mater, which I always enjoy. I think that this year I've nailed down my adjudication to a few very simple points - don't look like a robot, don't look like a slob, and that palmcards are supposed to be cards the size of your palm. Then I can talk about the main point that the debate was decided on, give individual points or feedback, and finish up.
The problem with doing this is that I've been attacking looking like a robot for a few years now, so I naturally think that they should have gotten it by now. In other words, my experience combines with my irritation (and it's a boring way to present, so it combines with enough time - while bored - to think of what I'm going to say) and it happened to culminate in a massive rant that actually took the shape of what a debating speech should look like - brief intro, launching into four points with a summary (individual comments) and conclusion (final score).
Sounds good? I'm considered to be unique amongst the adjudicators for my attacks, and am considered to be the nasty adjudicator (enough so that I get a mention at the debating dinner!) - our debaters are generally aware of this, but often their parents aren't...which can create some rather sticky situations. Fortunately, I got out of them (mainly because I'm right, and because I gave the debate to that person's team anyway), but it's definitely an occupational hazard!

I've also gained a great enjoyment out of playing mahjong. Great game. Got a set for my birthday from my parents, too. Anticipate lots of enjoyment :-D

I've also started going to a Toastmasters group. Attendance may get sketchy with Lent coming on, but I'd like to develop my involvement there.


Anonymous said...

A very belated Happy Birthday! Many, many years!

And I didn't realise you had a blog here; I'm glad I finally discovered it.

November In My Soul said...

Are you in the St. Stephens course of study through the Antiochian Orthodox Church? I have considered this program but never actually contacted them. I am in the United States. Isn't technology great.

I follow Ian's blog and it led me to you.