Wednesday, February 20, 2008

O Week Happenings

Well, this week has been rather busy. For the first time since, oh, about December, I've actually had reason to leave the house every day this week.

This year, I'm actually attending O(rientation) Week at my university.

I'm not sure why, really. I know that the uni really pushes O Week (as evidenced by all the correspondence I've received from them), but I haven't really been to one before. I think I've been to about two O Weeks before - one was to get textbooks (timing largely coincidental), and the other was when I did a cross-institutional unit and met up with a friend. Which was nice, but hardly qualifies as attending O Week.

This time around - which is, incidentally, my first and last O Week at this university - I'm kinda assuming that I don't know much more than academic writing, so I'm definitely going to every graduate education thing out there. Mostly useful, too - but that's hardly surprising. I also went to an Intro to Uni thing, which was about as useful as cranberry sauce - I'm sure it's useful, just not to me.

I've found out which high school I've been assigned to. Of course, I'm not really able to say which one (I think they call that 'employment suicide'), but it's a Catholic all-girls high school which is within hiking distance (a bit further than walking distance) away from me.
As shown by my experiences last year, I am definitely not a big fan of teaching in a sports-oriented all-boys school (far too much testosterone), and I'd really rather not have to play the game to teach in a state school, so this could very easily be the kind of place where I'll end up teaching. It's very exciting and - dare I say - providential that I've been allocated this school with absolutely no prompting from me.

Part of the whole going-to-O-Week-lectures deal has been, obviously, catching the bus to get to and from uni. Happened to have this totally random meeting with a girl, and kept bumping into her, and we'd recognise each other (mostly nodding) and finally today we introduced ourselves (to be honest, I thought that I was supposed to know who she was and I'd forgotten!). Really cool random event - just thought I'd share.

Oh - and I took my adjudicating test on Tuesday to keep my accreditation and to adjudicate debates this year. I need the cash...


Lucas said...

I don't know, too much oestrogen can be as bad and worse than too much testosterone...

Anonymous said...

I did go to O-Week when I first hit uni; dare I confess I don't recall any of it?

I'm heading back to uni from this Monday night. Argh.

Hurrah for the High School assignment, and prayers for this year.