Monday, February 25, 2008

The Beginning of Uni...again.

Well, today marks the real beginning of my university life once more - I have a tutorial this afternoon (one of those tutorials where they don't need a lecture - I think they're starting to call this a 'lectorial' now?) which I'm sure will be fascinating.

Before I enter my first class, I'll have already gone to teach R.E. at my alma mater. This will be the fifth year that I've taught R.E. there (although I only taught half-years for two, so I've done the equivalent of three years teaching), but between having not taught there for eighteen months and having picked up some of the basics of what a teacher is like (i.e. like a teacher, not like a buddy) when I taught those students still at school, I'll effectively have the advantage of starting teaching properly.
I would say that I've definitely and infinitely grown as a teacher since I started in 2003. I was so desperate to connect with my students then that I lost their respect after about six weeks - which made the remaining 25-30 weeks, well, consist of various degrees of 'unpleasant'. I'm sure that I'm a better teacher now largely because of how I crashed and burned for a solid two years - when I taught two years ago (and last year, in a different context), I acted a lot more like a teacher who was teaching information to students who needed to know that information, and I got the results.
Doing Education at uni will, I think, give me a bigger edge than what I previously had - the behaviour management component most of all, but also the ability to plan a unit of work and such.

In lifeblogging - the remainder of O Week was woeful. Friday was a day with lectures in it that I just shouldn't have bothered with, although I'm glad I went because now I know what I wasn't missing.
The weekend was good - farewelled a fellow parishioner (who's going to Greece), had a decent chat with a friend from the church I go to on Sundays; went to my parent's house, got two boxes of books (including two textbooks that I was missing, and the Lenten Triodion - obviously very essential!).
There's an 'Orthodox Christian Convert Group' being established at my-church-on-Saturday-night - fairly sure it's basically unique in its need and presence. Hope it goes well.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers for the 'Convert Group', and for the year ahead in all you do.