Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For those of you who are counting...

...here's where I'm up to with my theology essays (or exams, if you like to call end-of-semester essays that):

Liturgic Th., Baptism: 220 of 1800w
Liturgic Th., Great Entrance: 148 of 1800w
Ch.History, Judaism & Early Christianity: 0 of 1500w
Ch.History, Monasticism: 0 of 1500w
Ch.History, Alexandrian and Antiochene Theology: 0 of 1500w
Fundamentals, Theosis: 0 of 1800w
Fundamentals, Confession: 0 of 1800w

Sadly, I'd underestimated exactly how much I needed to write - turns out to be about 50% larger than I thought it was (based on not realising how much text could fit on a standard line), which means that the essays are actually pretty-well essay length - total of about 12000 words to be written in six weeks - it's starting to sound like uni again!

Curiously, because of not having glasses (and thus, not being comfortable with focusing for many long hours on books and computer screens), I am starting off doing the introduction for each essay, then working from there. We'll see.

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