Friday, December 14, 2007

Sleep rocks!

Had an awesome sleep - slept for about 11 hours. Unfortunately, this occured in the early afternoon, so I've had to get up and do some stuff so that I'll go back to sleep and not screw up my sleeping pattern too much.

Had a whole bunch of dreams. One brought up something that, when I woke up (and I must have had this as the last dream), I thought made sense - why is it that most animals, on entering a church, are said to have defiled the church? This is one thing that I totally don't get, along with why fish is out during fast periods but non-boned seafood (e.g. calamari) is fine (and, now that we're on the topic, why certain foods are chosen as fasting or not).
Can McDonald's be excluded from the fasting rules, based on it not actually being food? Ahh...if only such technicalities were actually plausibly done...

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