Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Post of the Year Probably!

So, Christmas is considered over (it's not, by the way - the twelve days of Christmas are between Christmas and Theophany). My DVD was exchanged for three DVDs - 'Answered by Fire', about the East Timorese vote in 1999, particularly the UN mission (UNIFET, I believe it was called); The Human Mind, which is absolutely fascinating to me (apparently, most stressful situation is a party!); and the aforementioned DVD on the history of the English language, also fascinating.

Took my electric bike (now called Watermelon) out for a spin today. It handles well - on flats, it's very good, and it seems to hold speed up hills as long as you pedal as well. Down hills, to be honest, totally scares me (too fast, not enough control, and not used to being on a bike at all), so I suspect I'll be holding the brake a lot for any downhill runs.

Fixed up the issues I was having with the chanter's stand (specifically, with an apology - I won't get into that online, but looking back there were some parts that were cynically humourous). I think it's for the best that what happened, did - it's made very plain that me chanting there is explicitly a choice that I can walk away from, with an introspective blog entry the only tangible care factor. It kinda saddened me that the exact same day that I was welcomed back with open arms, another person was basically driven away. Even though I do have the ability to stay or not, I spent a lot of time in that church working to make things better, and it's a shame to see that aside from some contacts made, it has made near-enough-to-no difference.
I know, it sounds like I'm dramatising, but it's probably the case in a lot of massive organisations - it is very difficult to change things, particularly when the majority of presumed members aren't involved at all and a vocal portion assume that they speak with their authority. And, with fairness, they're probably right to some extent, but at some point there are right actions and wrong actions.
(I'm trying to
not criticise the organisation because I don't see myself as part of it - just trying to note my own involvement and, for future reference, note where I made mistakes)

Had Yum Cha yesterday - it was delicious. After that, I got Watermelon the bike to my place.

Today was the Divine Liturgy - an unusual occurance, because this year was both the Sunday after Nativity, which has it's own variants, and the Sunday before Theophany, also with it's own variants - and it's not like they can be integrated at all, because it's an either/or thing. Fortunately, liturgic geeks better than myself have already sorted it out - Sunday after Nativity gets priority...which is odd, because Theophany was historically the bigger feast, but there is a decent case, because Christmas has a fast-free period, whereas Theophany is the resumption of fasting.
It's all about God, though, so it's all good.
There were a lot of visitors today - enough to replace the parisioners who went on holidays, which was wonderful - one family of about five was local, another was from Sydney, and just came up for Christmas and New Years to the Gold Coast, so it was lovely to see them all.
Next week is the Great Blessing of the Waters, so I'm looking forward to that...not sure yet what I need to learn for it (in terms of chanting), but also looking forward to finding that out.

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