Monday, December 17, 2007

House Blessing and Fridge Quotes

Had the apartment blessed today. Really nice service, especially the prayers. Normally this service (particularly the sprinkling-holy-water-everywhere part) is done with basil, but there was none of that today - mainly because there was no basil, and no plant-life nearby. Instead of that, a single cupped hand sufficed - which got water everywhere just the same.

Had to do a major cleanup of the apartment to make it happen, though. By major, I mean 'rearranged most of the apartment in three hours'. Now, I know that three hours to rearrange 80% of my place sounds really good, but it's not like it's because I'm good at cleaning - that's how small the apartment is. Sadly, if one comes home and leaves a shirt on the floor, the place becomes messy - and considering that my toleration for mess is really high, you understand how small the place is. On the positive, at least it's clean.

In my last house, I had a fridge, upon which I would write all the cool quotes that I had heard. Sadly, my new place has a bar fridge with a matt surface, which means that I'd be writing at my own peril (and paying for each mark, no doubt!), but I'm hoping to resurrect the tradition with the microwave.

However, that's all background - I'm now transferring the quotes from my old fridge onto my blog. They used to be on my facebook profile, but it's just too long to keep there any longer; so, I give you...

[Warning - some of these quotes may be PG]

"No wonder [he] likes you, he's probably never seen anything so entertaining!" - Lizzy
On submitting assignments: "You could submit a cereal box if you wanted, you'll just fail, that's all!" - DP
On selecting cheese at Subway: "Can I have the least orange cheese?" - Watson
"My car has been there so long, you can see it on Google Earth!" - Watson
On cooking with the windows open: "Great. My house smells like a rissole." - Y.T.
On giving pearls to swine [i.e. teaching philosophy to jocks]: "They'd sniff it and inhale it through their eyeball!" - Macca
On Anglican Vergers: "There's nothing about being a verger that says you have to be a virgin. It's New and Improved!" - Emster
"I don't objectify women." / "Oh, really!" / "Well...not verbally..." - Y.T. and Emster
"Do U believe in love at first sight? 'Cause I can go past again..." - Mel
"Of course it's a fake smile, I'm talking to my fake friend!" - Mel

There are other quotes (that was just from one side of my fridge), but I can't find the exact words for them...I'm sure they're hiding somewhere!

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