Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christ is Born; Merry Christmas!

It has to be said - I greatly scored with respect to Christmas presents.
But, more on that.

To celebrate the feast of the Nativity, I went to two services - on the eve was matins and Divine Liturgy at the local Antiochian church (not the one that I normally go to), which was fantastic - due to no one having a printer, we chanted matins from a laptop screen. I'm fairly sure it was the first time in this fair city, not sure about the rest of the world. In reality, alt-tabbing and scrolling down is very analogous to page-turning; I'm not entirely convinced on the superiority of laptop over books. That being said, it was doubtless partly due to the fact that the stand was designed for books - were there to be something designed for a laptop (or even if we had a touchscreen), it would doubtless be infinitely superior. The next morning I went to a Divine Liturgy in the English language. No great story to be told, aside from the giant communion line on each side of the church. Oh, except for my not realising that buses don't run on Christmas day (trains do, and this was the first time that I'd lived somewhere where buses are easily the most convenient means of transport), and so having to walk the 50mins from my place to church (normally it's 35, but that includes waiting for the bus and far less walking whilst on the bus). Not ideal, but it did mean that I craved a glass of water more than a side of steak!

I finally got the electric bike that I was waiting for - now I need a helmet to ride it (pesky road rules :P), which I was expecting (and there were some problems, so I was quite excited to get it); but I didn't expect some of the other presents. I put the word out for the extended family to just go for chocolates, because I don't have any space (which is almost literally true) - the threat was that if they got me anything other than chocolates, they'd also have to buy me the space to put it in.

But, my parents went all out - I got a microwave, which is very good, mainly because I already had one. The problem - and the reason that I'm glad - is that the microwave I had would sometimes literally (as in audibly) start with a bang. The general consensus was that this was Not A Good State of Affairs, and so my parents bought me a, slightly smaller, replacement. Good Thing. They also bought me a printer, considering that I was starting uni - also a very good thing, which will go next to my roommate's fax machine (both going on the the 'to be plugged in when needed' section of the bookshelf). I also got a DVD, which (because I already have it) will be exchanged for a documentary on the history of the English language, which I'm fairly sure will be fascinating.

Other scores of the day included mosquito repellant, two brands of chocolates and a very generous (obviously undisclosed) amount of money. Later that day, we had a discussion on how to receive gifts (long story), deciding that it was definitely a learned skill.


Lucas said...

What are you naming the bike?

Smitty said...

'Watermelon'...because it's:
a) green on the outside (literally, the colour is dark green), and
b) red on the inside (because it was made in [communist] china).
I know, obtuse, but I like it :D